Control Panel and Switchgear Manufacturers' Association . . . .

The products included in the field are sub - sets of the Electrical and Electronics industry.
Chapter 85 of the Harmonized Coding System for Manufactured Commodities or the IEC 60947 and IEC 61439 encapsulate the seed of the trade.
India witnessed Industrial growth after 1947 with a strong social agenda. The directive principles of state policy enshrined in our constitution demanded emphasis on employment generation as one of the means to secure equitable growth with social justice.  Our industry is a largely manpower intensive manufacturing trade with a high degree of indigenization and well assimilated local skill sets.
The Industries (Development and Regulation) Act, 1951, and the THE MICRO, SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES DEVELOPMENT ACT, 2006 adequately describe the interests of the Union of India for the development of manufacturing capabilities for a resilient and robust self reliant India. Towards the ends envisioned and aligned with the recognization of the ever growing demand for power, the utilization and distribution segment of the energy industry is the target customer base for manufacturers of our commodities.
COSMA has succeeded in building a fraternity of manufacturers mostly from (but not limited to) the small and medium industry segments, that are agreed to serving the customer with products built to be trusted.    
Trust is a natural consequence of performance underscoring dependability through the promotion of technologies, materials, processes, systems and above all people. Satish Kazi, Chairman Emeritus, COSMA, emphasizes the people factor as the single biggest cause and effect of the business whilst reminding that humans are the suppliers and the customers like for every manufacturing trade.
As you read along you shall join us in whispering, "We also build Control Panels and Switchgear!" 


Control Panel and Switchgear Manufacturers' Association (COSMA)
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