1989 - 1995 - Early Years

Four manufacturers who observed that they regularly saw each other at reception desks of customers, decided to meet over tea at the office of one. Satish Kazi, Kamalakar Phadke, N.M.Shah and Asim Majumdar met and agreed that they were socially compatible with each other and agreed to meet again after their initial meeting.

They met often soon thereafter and invited others from the same trade.  They along with these others who joined them became friends. They shared ideas and related with their friends difficulties and concerns. The group of friends thus went on to crystallize their thoughts and forged better bonds amongst themselves. Satishbhai (fond and respectful way to address Satish Kazi) proposed that they formalize their meetings and common desire to grow together whilst serving their vocation. The idea of becoming an association germinated.

They required a small place to call home. Anil Gandhi and Rohil Mehta offered part of their office to be used. Anil and Rohil allowed one member of their staff to be engaged on a part time basis by the new Control Panel and Switchgear Manufacturers' Association. The association started organizing regular meetings and seminars for sharing knowledge on products and components used by members as inputs for their work. slowly but steadily the numbers grew as did the activities too.

1996 - 2004 - Penetration and Growth

The association witnessed growth and developed membership across the country.Satishbhai, Horrace Gonsalvez and Rohil Mehta perceived the need for an office with infrastructure.  Supported by Kamlesh Patel, Narendra Goel, Kishor Danani and Soeb Fatehi  they scoured the city to find a suitable office and finally agreed on Vikhroli Premises that remain the headquarters even now.

COSMA became a regular participant at IEEMA's ELECRAMA in this period.The development of a succession plan was now uppermost in the mind of the president and this resulted in the elevation of D.R.Rao to Vice-President.

2005 - 2009 - Change and Branding

When D.R.Rao was to assume office as President, Soeb and Horrace proposed that Satishbhai be elevated as Chairman Emeritus to which all readily agreed in one voice. D.R.Rao was supported by Horrace, Umesh Pai, Pradeep Savla and Chetan Dharia to see through the growth and expansion fired by Soeb through the introduction of many new activities. COSMA became a regular participant and lent support at many exhibitions across the country including India Electricity held annually at New Delhi by FICCI. COSMA representation at other trade bodies grew rapidly.

A Southern Region Activity Center was created at Bangalore making it possible to add over 60 members in less than 2 years. Events were organized at Delhi and Calcutta. Factory Visits and Training Programs became regular popular activities.


Soeb Fatehi was requested by the board to assume the office of President. He exhibits in himself raw guts to deviate and innovate disruptively. COSMA is increasing the use of modern systems in operations with the intention to assume a position of trust in the eyes of the customer of every member company. Soeb eloquently talks about the importance of electrifying life when he says, "Roti, Kapda, Makaan aur Bijli!"


Control Panel and Switchgear Manufacturers' Association (COSMA)
FS-2, Hindustan Kohinoor Industrial Complex, LBS Marg, Vikhroli West, Mumbai 400083, India
TeleFax: +91 22 25792027, Email: cosmacontact@cosmaindia.org