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The Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Government of India has, in 2009, announced their NATIONAL AWARDS for the preceding year 2008. In two categories, for Research and Development and also for Outstanding Entrepreneurship, two Special Recognition Awards have at that time, been presented to Shri M. V. Satyanarayana of JVS Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

JVS was started in the year 1990 by a team of power system engineers who had expertise in various areas of power systems.

JVS is the first in India to design and develop a DIN size 144 mm.sq. draw-out case for protective relays. JVS has obtained an Indian patent for this draw-out case design.

Now, JVS is one of the leading manufacturers of protection relays in the field of power system protection. All the products manufactured by the company are developed in the company’s own Technology Center. The company has received Best Product Award twice at ELECRAMA in the years 1994 and 2004.

We at COSMA are rightfully and naturally proud of this outstanding accomplishment of our member who is also on the Board of Directors of our association. Shri M.V. Satyanarayana has played a stellar role in supporting Shri M. Ramani in setting up of our Southern Region Activity Center at Bangalore.


MSME LEADERSHIP…. On Large Scale …

Late Shri D. Narsiah

COSMA member, irrepressible crusader for justice and truth, D. Narsiah, left us for his final resting place in the the hearts and memories of a multitude of people he served selflessly and tirelessly throughout his 76 year life.

Narsiah was eminently known as a Rotarian who walked, talked, ate, drank, breathed and lived the “Four Way Test” in all the things he ever required to think, say or do.

Born in Andhra Pradesh in a humble family of modest means, he commenced his vocational career as a simple Boiler Attendant Certificate holder. Later working for a TATA enterprise, he along with his brother diligently strived to lift his family above the economic hurdle towards a life of reasonable comfort. Becoming financially able helped him to free up his time and resources to so what he was best at – to help others around him.

Following his entrepreneurial urges he created and headed National Engineering Corporation with production facilities distribution over Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Hyderabad. His multi location business operations required from him much time for traveling and those arduous train journeys gave him an opportunity to introspect and ponder over many subjects close to his heart.

Whilst conducting his affairs at Navi Mumbai he realized that he was being more than doubly levied by NMMC for land that he was using in MIDC designated Industrial areas. He consulted his learned friends and concluded that injustice was being done. He created with help from his able neighbors a local association of companies to examine and bring redress to the acknowledge grievances and sufferings of his brothers in Small Scale industry. More regions of the state with similar problems joined his crusade and his small local association merged with others around them to create SSEA-TTC, that in turn collaborated across Maharashtra to discuss issues of common concern. He took matters to courts when he was not satisfied with the responses he received, on behalf of his members, from the authorities. He earned himself the honor laden designation of LIFETIME CHAIRMEN of SSEA-TTC. Recently in late 2009, just a few days before his passing, Narsiah was honored and felicitated by Shri Narayan Raneji, Honorable Minister for Industries of Maharashtra, for his yeoman services to Industry.

All the time, whenever a demand was made from him that to him sounded unreasonable or improper, all he did was ask a simple and humble question in a very low and mild tone, “Under what provision of Law, Sir?”.


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